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                1. 廣州添寶生物科技有限公司







                  Guangzhou Timpol Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 and located in Guangzhou Economic & Technical Development District. Timpol is a high-tech enterprise with full reach in research and development of biological technology, production as well as sales and marketing.

                  As the biggest soya lecithin manufacturer in South China, Timpol insists on being market-oriented, asking for high quality and sustainable investment into R&D. With the core patent technology of modified separation and purification, Timpol owns a number of self-developed lecithin products which have been widely applied in the field of food, medicine and chemistry. 

                  With the advanced R&D capabilities and reliable production capacity, Timpol has developed the most professional platform of food and biotechnology for the industrial chain, and imported a number of production lines with standard design and management, after years of trial and effort. Thus far, the variety in Timpol's Quality Standard certificate has been more than twenty, which can further enhance Timpol's service and expand Timpol's business scope to explore the much bigger international markets.

                  Alongside with the research and development of new lecithin products, Timpol has persisted in driving the marketing strategy of establishing Timpol brand and the concept of "Care Customers, Care Market, Care End-user", setting up a national distribution network, realizing rapid development of domestic market.

                  New Timpol, New Beginning. Timpol will steadily increase investment into R&D and marketing to achieve sustainable growth of sale revenue.

                  Timpol would like to invite the talents and experts to create a better future for food industry of China. We will provide better and better products for consumers and the society.

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